Write For Us Education | Write For Us Hindi

Hmarikaksha invites writers to send their blog samples if they want to write for our website. 

Our website covers a wide range of topics from career to education. 

We are selective about the type of content we want to publish on our website and, hence, will only accept high-quality human-written content. 

Write For Us Education: Few Selection Criteria

  1. Your blog should have less than a 2 per cent spam score
  2. The blog should be SEO-friendly. Please focus on the following:
  3. Include your parent keyword in the title and 2-3 headers. 
  4. You should include a quick summary for our readers. 
  5. The Image should include the parent keyword, separated by a dash.
  6. The blog should be more than 500 words. 
  7. We don’t accept any adult or gambling content. 

Why Should You Write for Us Education:

Backlinks matter in relevancy. 

Good link-building practice means you should only target links from relevant websites if you want the best result. 

That’s why we’ll accept your link if you write about educational topics such as careers and how-to guides.

Please check our current blogs on the categories shiksha and career to get an idea about our writing style.

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